Life In The Saddle

Episode 19: Interview with Jeremiah Watt - part 1

February 26, 2022

**This episode is broken up into 2 parts...this is part 1**

We got acquainted with Jeremiah when we used to import fine using gear and tack from the US into New Zealand. It was a privilege to be able to provide quality snaffle bits to my students and others. I had the privilege of catching up with Jeremiah late last year and we got so carried away with the conversation we had to edit the interview into 2 parts!

About Jeremiah Watt:
Jeremiah is a renowned cowboy artisan, specializing in engraved bits, spurs and saddles, from Coalinga, CA, USA. A native of Ontario, Canada, Jeremiah Watt developed a love early on for the horses, the gear, and the artistry involved with the saddlemaking trade. After learning saddlemaking in 1976 at a school in Amarillo, Texas, Watt and his wife started their own saddle and tack manufacturing business. He began to teach himself the art of engraving by building silver saddle trim and making his own handmade bits and spurs. Watt has been teaching Western engraving, along with the art of saddle making, for almost two decades.

About American Cowboy In New Zealand Podcast:
Join horseman Ben Longwell, an American Cowboy living in New Zealand, as he shares stories & adventures and interviews extraordinary men and women in the equine and ranching industries to gain insight into horsemanship and life itself. As part of his mission to help people and their horses achieve more together, through his business True West Horsemanship Ltd, this show will include horsemanship & training tips, stories, interviews with other industry professionals, and tips for personal development and life applications. 


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