Life In The Saddle

Episode 28: Tales from the Trail: Three Forks Saddlery

November 10, 2022

Welcome to 'Tales from the Trail' which is a special podcast series we are recording in person as we travel the west during our Winter Clinic Tour. From gear makers and ranchers, to horsemen and other interesting people - tune in to enjoy as they share their stories.

Fun to visit Three Forks Saddelrey again after bringing our 2019 Ranch Tour Guests there for a tour of the workshop. Tune in to hear more about what they do to provide good gear in Southwest Montana and around the world. 

About Life In The Saddle Podcast:
Join horseman Ben Longwell, an American Cowboy who spent the last 11 years working in the equine industry in New Zealand, before moving back to the US with his wife and 4 kids. Ben shares stories & adventures and interviews extraordinary men and women in the equine and ranching industries to gain insight into horsemanship and life itself. As part of his mission to help people and their horses achieve more together, through his business True West Horsemanship Ltd, this show will include horsemanship & training tips, stories, interviews with other industry professionals, and tips for personal development and life applications.  

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